Space and Satellite

Space & Satellite Systems

Within the space industry, satellites, rockets, autonomous and human-rated vehicles comprise the field of our experience.  Using our extensive built-to-print experience and our up-front design for manufacturability feedback, we aid in setting these types of programs up for success from the beginning of the design process.

These programs often require quick turnaround and highly complex manufacturing. Our extensive knowledge of titanium and other exotic materials allows us to leverage our experience in high-speed machining, manufacturing and offline toolpath verification to meet these demanding deadlines.

These platforms require some of the most challenging materials, tolerances and product configurations ranging from an array of metallics to composites and commonly including aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium.

Precision leverages its technical skills, elaborate process engineering, and CNC programming knowledge to manufacture these highly complex, build-to-print components and combines our innovation and depth in assembly expertise used for higher-level systems needs.

From conceptual design to 1st piece approval to FAA certification and then throughout the production lifecycle, Precision Aerospace offers your program the most industry experienced precision machining, assembly, test, and value-added solutions.

Parts for Space/Satellite:  Piston, Shear Pin, Covers, Nozzle, Manifold

Contact us for design assistance, material selection, production expertise, along with versatile, high-precision machined parts for your aerospace and military applications.