Pearson Notch Patent Development

Precision was selected as the manufacturing supplier of the AMRAAM warhead based on our processes of Supply Chain Control.  This warhead requires many outsource processes.  One of the first processes to be subcontracted was the broaching of the internal cavity of the warhead.  We located the incumbent manufacturing supplier of the broach who then recommended another company with the capability to pull the broach. 

The lead time for manufacturing the broach was 26-32 Weeks with a cost of approximately $250K.  Once the broach was completed, we sent the first samples to the broaching supplier for the initial run.  Unfortunately, the first part got stuck on the broach, damaging it.  This put the program in jeopardy of not performing and losing the award for both Precision and our customer. 

Our team came together to determine a potential path forward utilizing either our CNC Mill or CNC Lathe.  The requirement remained that the parts HAD to be broached and not machined.  This led to development work at Precision’s expense that lasted six weeks until we determined the correct path forward.  We invited our customer, along with their customer, to our facility for validation of our process. 

In doing so, we developed our Patented process for manufacturing a Pearson Notch on a warhead case.  We’ve also proven that we can alter the form and produce in several types of materials.  This has proven to be a huge cost savings to our customers and our new lead time for development of this type of manufacturing is six weeks or less as opposed to the previous lead time of 26-32 Weeks.

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