Missiles and Munitions

Precision has extensive experience working on developmental programs with each of its customers.  We’ve worked directly with engineering at our customers’ facilities to determine best manufacturing practices for items such as control surface assemblies and warheads.  This has been a proven successful approach to take items from prototype into full production.

Machined parts for the Defense Industry:  Fins, nose tips, warheads, payload enclosures

GMLRS – Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System

PMSi produces all the parts that keep the guided missile in the launch tube – the critical components of the aft detent section.

The GMLRS is safer on the way to the field, safer to handle, and safer in the danger zone, destroying intended targets while minimizing collateral damage. The GMLRS unitary warhead is well suited to the urban environment, extending the traditional GMLRS target set to include structures found in urban areas. The low collateral aspect helps ensure the target is destroyed with limited or no damage to the surrounding area, and virtually no risk of unexploded ordnance.

PAC-3 Family of Missiles

PAC-3 – Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Missile

PAC-3/MSE – PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE)

Precision produces the control surface assemblies and folding fin. We also engage in development work for out customers’ unique needs.

The PAC-3 family of missiles defend against incoming threats using direct body-to-body contact that delivers exponentially more kinetic energy on the target than can be achieved with blast-fragmentation mechanisms.

Building on the combat-proven PAC-3 Cost Reduction Initiative (CRI), the PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) expands the lethal battlespace with a two-pulse solid rocket motor, providing increased performance in altitude and range.

AMRAAM – Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile

The AMRAAM missile is the air-to-air weapon of choice for U.S. and allied militaries. And it keeps getting better. The AMRAAM missile is the baseline missile for the NATO-approved NASAMS launcher. Derived from the Sparrow range of missiles, the AMRAAM was designed to be quicker, smaller and lighter than the Sparrow. The missile’s layout is divided into guidance, armament, propulsion and control sections.

PrSM – Precision Strike Missile

The Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) is a next-generation, low-risk, long-range surface-to-surface missile developed for neutralizing and destroying targets through indirect fires.

Contact us for design assistance, material selection, production expertise, along with versatile, high-precision machined parts for your aerospace and military applications.