CNC Milling Services

Precision Machining Services is a world class provider of CNC milling and hard milling services, with a wide variety of  equipment and processes at our disposal. Our knowledgeable staff brings a superior level of consistency to every project, delivering top quality CNC milling. Our superior hard milling services are utilized by a number of industries, from medical, commercial, to aerospace and more.

We are leading providers of a number of other specialized CNC milling services. Our 4th axis milling and high speed milling processes are second to none. Precision Machining’s  equipment and experienced staff allow us to offer exceptional quality in our finished products. Through continuous process improvement, we are committed to making our CNC milling services even better and more efficient.

Precision Machining’s CNC milling equipment is programmed with Mastercam software for outstanding accuracy and repeatability. We operate multiple 4-axis CNC milling machines for fast, efficient fabrication for even the most complex components. Our facility can handle CNC milling of parts for prototyping and R&D or for full production runs. Our large number of CNC milling machines lets us complete even the biggest projects with quick turnaround times.

Our level of expertise in CNC Milling is unparalleled, and our variety of services is second to none. Contact Precision Machining for more information about our turning services

  • Doosan 6030 w/4th axis- 60” x 30” table
  • Daewoo 4020 w/4th axis- 40” x 20” table (2)
  • Doosan DMN 500II w/4th axis – 40” x 20” table(3)
  • Doosan DNM 5700 w/4th axis – 40” x 20” table (2)
  • Doosan HC400-II Horizontal 23” x 22” table
  • Doosan DNM 4500 – 39” x 17” table (3)
  • Doosan DNM 4000 – 25” x 15” table
  • Doosan DNM 5700S – 51” x 22”
  • Fadal VMC-15 w/4th axis- 32” x 16” table (2)
  • Kitamura 4XD w/4th axis- 40” x 20” table

Hold dimensional tolerances to 0.0001”

Contact us for design assistance, material selection, production expertise, along with versatile, high-precision machined parts for your aerospace and military applications.