About Us

Precision Machining Services was a dream in 1992 in a two-car garage in Red Bank, TN. Its’ humble beginning included manual lathes, mills, and grinders in support of the tool and die industry. There was a belief that if items were built with quality, the first time, then people would continue to come back for their manufacturing needs. This approach brought steady growth to Precision until it needed to expand into its first building in 1997.

The dedication to quality and delivery allowed for Precision to enter the photographic industry as a major supplier. It was at this point that investments were made into the manufacturing capabilities of Precision and acquired its first CNC machines. This allowed parts to be produced more quickly and allowed expansion into other industries. The continued growth of Precision required the addition of a second building in 1999 that was next door to the first building it acquired.

In 2000, Precision had big dreams of putting parts into space. This led to the development of our Quality System and later certification of our ISO9001. This opened the door for Precision to become a supplier to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and to receive our first PO to put a part into space. By 2001, we were actively working in the Defense Industry and were recognized by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control as the small business of the year.

Precision steadily grew over the years and made continued investments into its capabilities to better serve its customers. In addition to CNC equipment, Precision made the investment into special processing services to include priming and painting. Investments were also made into the Quality System. In 2005, Precision successfully received its AS9100 certification on its first attempt without any majors or minors. By 2009, a paperless system was developed internally and implemented to ensure the security of our customers proprietary information.

Due to its continued commitment to quality and on-time delivery, in 2013 Precision was selected for several warhead contracts. This opened the door for Precision to become more of a production facility than a job shop. This once again gave Precision the ability to make investments into its capabilities to better support each of those programs. This also led to the development for manufacturing a Pearson Notch on the inside of a warhead case in 2015. By 2019, Precision received the Patent for this manufacturing process utilizing our developed process and CNC lathe. This process develops the fragmentation pattern of a warhead.

In May of 2022, Precision was acquired by P4G Capital. P4G stands for Partners 4 Growth and is proving to be committed to investing into the people, equipment, and capabilities of Precision to grow its footprint in the market of Aerospace/Defense.





LMCO Silver Supplier Award

NASA Supplier Qualification

Seven Seals Award

Lockheed Letter of Appreciation

Machining Into The Future



Started Business

Started Business in a two car garage





First Manufacturing Facility

Purchased first manufacturing facility


Second Facility

Purchased second manufacturing facility



Received NASA certification processing area and paint


In-house Painting

Created in-house painting


AS9100 Certification

Received AS9100 Certification


Paperless System

Implementation of paperless system


Multiple Contracts

Selected for multiple production contracts in support of warhead manufacturing


Pearson Notch

Applied for Pearson Notch Process Using CNC Lathe Patent.


Patent Received

Received our Patent for Manufacturing Pearson Notch Process Using CNC Lathe.



Acquired by P4G

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